In September with the pleasent help of the team of Sofia Dance Week, a charity event was organized in favor of talented children in Bulgaria. 25% of the price of each ticket, bought by Ladies' Forum members, was donated by the hosts to our Association in order to help for the future developement of the Bulgarian talents. There was a meeting , part of the other cause of Ladies's Forum - Meetings with famous persons- ladies, who achieved remarkable success in their life and professional way.  Our guest was Zeynep Tanbay, who made a true rebellion on the Turkish scene with her dancing talent. Before her the concept of "modern dance" was a dirty word in the country. Today the ensemble is collecting rave reviews from the small towns of Anatolia to the biggest international capitals.

Meeting with Dr. Anelia Hochwarter

Thursday, 01 March 2018

On March 1st was held a meeting with Dr. Anelia Hochwarter who presented her book "Travel" dedicated to her “Doctors without borders” missions in Yemen, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

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