The basic principles for establishment and operations of Ladies’ Forum are:

1. Voluntary membership in the organization;

2. Eligibility of the ruling bodies, monitoring and constant reporting of its activities;

3. Transparency in all projects, activities and decisions of the Management Board, as well as dissemination of information on time;

4. The representative functions are exercised by the Chairwoman of Ladies’ Forum.

Who can become a member?

Every woman, who complies with the objectives of Ladies’ Forum and is willing to work in order to support and develop the activities of the organization, can become a member. Potential members might be:

Owners of SMEs

Senior Managers

Freelancers in different business spheres

Prominent public figures

Applying to become a member

Membership in Ladies’ Forum is voluntary and the candidates must fill in an application form, as well as to submit their CV and 3 recommendations from current members of the organization. The applications are processed by the Management Board and the approved candidates are presented at the General Assembly.

Membership and subscription fee

Subscription fee (payable once)....................... 500 BGN

Annual membership fee ................................... 200 BGN

The amount can be paid via a bank transfer to the following bank account:

Ladies’ Forum Oragnization

DSK Bank

IBAN: BG63STSA93000018235053


Reason for payment: Annual membership fee / subscription fee

Meeting with Dr. Anelia Hochwarter

Thursday, 01 March 2018

On March 1st was held a meeting with Dr. Anelia Hochwarter who presented her book "Travel" dedicated to her “Doctors without borders” missions in Yemen, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

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