About us

The members of Ladies’Forum are women at senior managerial positions or owners of private companies. They share their experience, exchange ideas and best practices and work together on projects supporting and developing the civil society and the position of the woman in it. Considering the values and the aims of the organization, all the members are ready to support and mentor young women who have the vision and the ambition to develop personally and professionally.

The nonprofit organization was established in the end of December 2009 and officially registered in the Commercial Register on 7th of January, 2010.

The main objectives of Ladies’ Forum are:

  • to establish and support good environment for professional development of business women;
  • to develop and protect the interests of its members in accordance with the law and the values of the organization;
  • to organize discussions, business meetings, roundtables and events (local and international) in order to achieve the goals of the organization and meet the need of its members;
  • to work towards the successful positioning in the woman as a important figure in the civil society;
  • to ensure cooperation and partnerships with other NGOs from all over the world in order to share ideas, gain international experience and achieve networking opportunities for its members.

The Management Board of the organization is elected by the General Assembly and is in charge for 2 years. 

Currently, the Chairwoman of Ladies’ Forum is Ms. Tanya Koseva-Boshova, leading partner of Park Lane Development Jsc. and the members of the Management Board are:

Ms. Janet Zaharieva – Director Telecommunications Vivacom

Ms. Detelina Smilkova – Vice-president of Higher School of Insurance and Finance (HSOA)

Ms. Anna Koleva – Regional Director for Europe of Industria Technology

Ms. Petya Murgova – Managing Parter of Murgova & Partners Law Office

Ms. Tanya Kosseva – Boshova, leading partner of Park Lane Development Jsc.

Ms. Olga Sandova – CEO of Auto Motor Corporation AD

Ms. Vessela Ilieva – Managing director of Unique Estates


Supervisory Board

Diana Miteva -  Executive Director of DSK

Diana Nikolaeva - Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Bulgaria

Doroteya Nikolova -  Executive Director of  the Managing Board of DSK

To achieve its objectives the organization establishes favorable conditions for business, cultural and social relations between its members and other local and international private and public entities.